Water Ski Shows, Tournaments

Prior Lake Water Ski Association

Founded in 1957, the Prior Lake Water Ski Association is one or the oldest and largest water ski clubs in the Upper Midwest! We are non-profit organization made up of over 200 members of all ages and abilities. Our members are actively involved in water ski shows, tournaments, clinics, social events, and various other activities which serve to promote the sport of water skiing.

The Shakopee-Prior Lake Shockwaves Water Ski Team (formerly the Prior Lake Water-ski Association) was founded in 1957 and is now one of the largest water-ski clubs in the upper Midwest. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization made up of over 180 members of all ages and abilities. Members are actively involved in water-ski shows, tournaments, clinics, social events and various other activities, which serve to promote the sport of water-skiing.

Our Shows

The show team is the largest and most visible branch of the club. For the past 50 years, the team has traveled throughout the states of Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and even Canada to perform shows for hundreds of thousands of spectators at large corporate events and city festivals. The show is a 75-minute live production featuring many water-ski stunts incorporated with music, excellent narration and lots of laughs. Skiers showcase everything from on-shore dance routines to high-flying jumps and pyramids. We utilize three towboats throughout the production, including a high-powered twin-rig, so there is never a dull moment on the water. We are always looking for skiers to join the show team. Practice begins indoors in February or March, once a week. In early May we hit the water and hold practices every Tuesday and Thursday evening at Quarry Lake in Shakopee.

Tournament Skiing

Each year there are numerous tournaments throughout the state of Minnesota and across the country. These tournaments are sponsored by individual ski clubs and are sanctioned by USAWaterski, our national sanctioning body. Tournaments involve competition at various skill levels in slalom, jump, trick, barefoot, and kneeboard. By competing in a water ski tournament you will have the opportunity to meet people from many different backgrounds and ability levels. Some are just starting competitive skiing, while others have competed at the Regional, and/or National level. Regardless of experience or skill levels, there is great camaraderie and support that exists among the skiers. After all, if you beat your personal best, it really doesn’t matter where you placed.

In addition to skiing, there are many ways to get involved in the behind the scenes activities that take place at a water ski tournament. For example, you can assist the judges during the competition and work towards becoming an assistant Judge and eventually a Chief judge. This is an excellent way to get involved if you are a non-skier and have a friend or family member who competes. Whether you compete or get involved behind the scenes at the tournaments, it’s a great way to meet a wide variety of people who share a common bond in their love for the sport of water skiing.

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